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Mobile Advertising Drives Searches for Local Businesses

An analysis of the Keyword Planner reveals that the searches for local businesses on mobile devices exceed the searches on desktops. When users search for entities around them, 85.6% of them make the searches on mobiles. The share increases to a huge 99.5% if the users desire to be navigated to the nearest outlet, followed by the search. This is due to the smart integration of the Search Engines with their navigation systems. This is where Mobile Advertising becomes an important requirement for your business.

Advertising your local business on the Mobile Platform also results in rich conversion rates. Google reports that information for location is searched by 94% of smartphone users and 17% of such searches result in a visit. Thus, businesses, like restaurants, banks, retail outlets, etc., which rely heavily on the local consumers bases, cannot ignore the prospects of Mobile Advertising. Your Local Business is losing a major chunk of high potential clients if its presence on the Mobile Platform is not being optimized with Mobile Ads.

Another interesting point, to note, is the low rate of searches made on tablet PCs. Even in the cases where the maximum search traffic is derived from the Mobile Platform, the second rank is held by the desktop. In fact, the contribution of the Tablet PCs is negligible in this regard. With this failure of promoting the Tablet PCs as a bigger form of the smartphones, the intended target, of being able to load even the full websites and banners in a handheld device, has also failed. Thus, special attention has to be paid to Customize Mobile Ads, keeping in mind the special requirements of the medium.  

Brands are Opting for Maximum Visibility across Different Advertising Platforms

The world of Advertising is going through an interesting phase where the traditional mediums and the modern mediums of Brand Promotion are competing for the attention of the brands. To the delight of the traditional media, brands continue to derive benefits from them as much as from the modern media. This strange phenomenon, where brands are opting for a mix of all the leading media, underlines a strategy to utilize the benefits of maximum visibility across all the mediums.

This is especially true for brands where the target groups are audiences of traditional media. Before proceeding further, it would be good to differentiate between the traditional and the modern Advertising Media. Media that uses no or minimum modern technology, and have been present from the times when web 2.0 was yet to happen, are categorized as traditional media. These include Outdoor Advertising, Print Advertising, Radio & TV Advertising, etc. The modern media of advertising include the platforms of Online and Mobile Advertising. It may also include unusual techniques like Advertising on apparel, via juxtaposition, etc. It has been observed that as brands look to expand, they also have to expand their range of Advertising landscapes. Let us, for the sake of simplicity, take a brand with operations in the USA. The traditional media, as discussed above can be used to cater to the need of promoting before the local target groups. But if the brand plans to expand its operations to other countries like India, it will have to make use of the modern media like Online Advertising. The brand will use the traditional media in India too, but the modern platforms are indispensable for announcing changes immediately or to form bases in the other countries as well.

The opting of brands for maximum visibility is a departure from their traditional branding aims and strategies. The simple thought, driving the departure, is that no potential target group or geographical area is to be left untouched. Brands use the Modern Advertising Media for extended visibility at low prices while they impress their specific target groups with the Traditional Advertising Media